Click on “Happy Birthday Yanki” to start. A Dialog screen will open asking to OPEN or SAVE You can choose either way.
*-If you choose SAVE you will be able to see it again
*-If you choose OPEN it will work only this time.
4. If the program will open in Power Point . Click F5 to start the show
5. If the program will open in Power Point Viewer click the file and click open
6. If you don’t have Power Point program on your machine, please down load the Point Point Viewer. To down load the Power Point Viewer (free program from Microsoft) Scroll down the page and down load the viewer ……
7. If you have an older version of Power Point below 2003 you better off viewing the show through the new down loaded viewer
Enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
This is a LARGE file. Please be patient as downloading time may be 15 minutes or more....

Happy 60th Birthday Yanki !!!!

This is a Powerpoint file.(.ppt)
If you do not have the viewer softwear, you may download it here.