Ravid Going to Yeshiva!

When he first met Rabbi Elirok in the "Jewish Home" three years ago, Ravid was looking simply for the definition of some Yiddish words he found in a novel he was reading. But he found a lot more.

Ravid was living with his parents in a tiny secular town in Delaware, far from a shul, a rabbi or anything resembling a Jewish community. And Ravid it turned out had many many questions.........

ravidi2.jpg During the next three years that Ravid visited Rabbi Elirok in The Jewish Home, the rabbi was able to cultivate the seeds of  Yiddishkiet that are in every Jew.

After spending a month in a yeshiva in N.Y.City, Ravid was able to see more clearly the things that were important to him. He wanted what his life was missing. He wanted to go to a yeshiva.

After much discussion with his parents and with their permission he was now ready to find a yeshiva. 

But where? After more hard work and more advice and a few dissapointments, Ravid has been accepted at Mesivta Bais Dovid. "My prayers were answered" he said.

Ravid is only 15 years old .........

 After sharing his good news with the room, we recorded this song that Ravid sang for us, Shiru Lamelech.