Di Neshama Flam                                                   


 1. A BLASE A HUNGERIGE A EINZAME- A pale hungry and lonesome

2. SHTEIET A TZEBRACHENE IDISHE MAME- a broken Yiddishe Mame is standing

3. IN GEHTO MITEN GELEN SHTERENDEL- in the Ghetto with yellow star

4. KALT EINGEFROIREN- cold and frozen

5. DI GANTZE MISHPOCHE FARLOIREN- the whole family is lost

6. IN FELD GARNISHT GEBLIBEN AFILU EIN KERNDL- Nothing is left in the field even one seed

7. MEIN DUVIDíL MEIN KIND AZA YUNGS- My Duvidíl my child so young

8 . DER RASHA MITEN FINGER EIHM GEVHZEN OIF LINKS- The wicked one with his finger pointed him to the left

9. AVEK GEFIRT MIT ASACH KINDER OIF AMAL- took him away with many other children

10. DUVIDíL MIEN KIND MEIN TRIEST- Duvidíl my child my hope

11. VU DI BIST VER VEIST -Where you are who knows

12. TZU DU VEST NACH KIMEN LKEVER YISROEL.-Whether you will ever get to a Jewish burial.

13. ICH FAMAGNISHT SHOIEN GURNISHT! MACHT ZIE A RAASH-I donít own any thing any more! She makes a noise

14. PLUTZLING LEIG ZI DI HANT IN TASH.-suddenly she puts her hand in pocket

15. OY! A LECHTELE HAB ICH GETRAFEN OY! A ZECHIYEH.- Oy! A candle I found Oy! What a find!

16. DAS LECHTELE DUVIDíL TZIND ICH FAR DIR AN- The candle Duvidíl I light for you

17. EIN ZACH VAS ICH KEN NACH FAR DIR TAN- This one thing I can still do for you

18. DEIN NESHOMEH ZAL CHATCH HABEN AN ALIYAH- your soul should have an elevation

19. LECHTELE! LECHTELE! DU SHEINST UN DU BRENST- Candle! Candle! You shine and burn

20. BETEN FAR MIR IN HIMEL DU KENST- in heaven you can for me beg

21. VIEL DU BIST DI AINTZIGE ZACH VAS ICH FARMAG- as you are the only thing I own

22. DUVIDíL ICH HAB MER GAR NISHT BY MIR- Duvidíl I donít have anything any more

23. HALEVAI VALT ICH GEKENT NACH EPES TAHN FAR DIR- I wish I could do more for you

24. ICH FARGES NISHT FUN DIR AFILU EIN TAG- I donít forget you even for one day

25. MIT TREREN FUN DI OIGEN ZUM HIMEL ZI HEIBT OIF,- With tears from her eyes she turns to heaven high

26. A TRERELE FALT OIFEN LECHTELE AROIF- a tear falls on the candle

27. DAS LECHTELE FARLESHT ZICH ZI BRENT SHOIN NISHT MER.-the candle goes out and lights no more

28. OY! BASHEFER EFSHER FREGEN ICH BROICH NISHT,- Oy! Creator maybe I am not even allowed to ask

29. FARVAS DAS LECHTELE DAS OICH NISHT- Why the candle also not?

30, UN OIFEN LECHTELE FALT A TRER NACH A TRER- and a tear after a tear falls on the candle

31. AN ALTER YID MIT A VIES GESHTELT - An old Jew with a white look

32. BAVIEZT ZICH TZU IR BALD,- showing himself to her

33. VIEN NISHT OIF DI LECHTELE VAS BRENT SHOIN GARNISHT,- donít cry on a candle which is not lighting anymore

34. IN HIMEL AVEK DER FLAM IZ,- to heaven the flame is gone

35. FUN HIMEL IZ MEN EPES MERAMEZ,- in heaven they are hinting to you

36. FAR A KIND VAS LEBT NACH A LECHTELE TZINDT MAN NISHT.-for a child who is still alive we donít light a candle


37. ZI GEIT TZU DEM YID ANTKEGEN- she approaches the Jew across

38. VU IZ MIEN KIND? VIL ZI FREGEN - where is my child? she wants to ask

39. FUN VU VEIST IR MEN DARF NISHT- how do you know that we donít have to

40. FAR IHM A LECHTELE ANTZINDEN - a candle to light for him

41. ZI FREGT UN IERE TREREN ZI VISHT- she asks and her tears she wipes

42. DER YID ENTFERT GARNISHT,- the Jew is not answering anything

43 DER ID IZ EINGANTZEN FUN DART FARSHVINDEN- the Jew totally disappeared


45. ZI TUT NACH ABER ALTZ HAFEN - she is still searching still hoping

46. YAREN LANG NACH DI MAPELEH FUNEM KEMFER - long years after the fall of the fighters

47. ZUCHT ZI DUVIDíL ZI VERT NISHT MIET - she searches duvidíl she doesnít get tired

48. ZI ZAL CHATCH TREFEN DEM ALTE YID - at least if she can meet the old Jew again

49. AFSHER HAT ER SHOIN FAR IHR AN ANTFER.- maybe he has an answer for her

50. YARAN SHPETER ZI GEIT ARAYN,- After many years she goes in

51. IN A GESHEFT EREV SHABES FARN ZEMANí - a store right before the Shabbos time

52. ZET ZI A YINGERMAN AN ERETZYISROELDIGENí- she sees a young man an israeli

53. EFSHER HAT IHR LECHT IR KENT MIR GEBEN? - Maybe you have a candle you can give me

54. NIEN! ICH HAB NAR EIN LECHTELE FARBLIBEN- no! I have left only one

55. DAS DARF ICH FAR MIR IHER MUZT MIR ANTHULDIGEN.- I need it for me, you must excuse me

56. ZI KUKT UN KUKT VI ZI FARSHTEIT NISHT, she looks and looks like she doesnít understand

57. IERE OIGEN FUN IHM ARAP GEIT NISHT,- her eyes from him are not going away

58. ZI GIT A GESHREI DUVIDíL MEIN KIND MEIN LEIBEN - she cries Duvidíl my child my life

59. NISHT GEGEBLEIBT MIR VELLEN ZICH NACH TREFEN TZUZAMEN- never believed we will ever meet again

60. DAS LETZTE LECHTELE GIB TZURIK DEIN MAME - this last candle give back to you mother

61. MEIN LETZTE LECHTLE HAB ICH OICH FAR DIR GEGEBEN. - my last candle I gave up for you

62. MAME! MAME! DU BIST DAS ALEIN! - Mother! Mother! This is really you!

63. BRECHT ER OIS IN A YARMERLACH GEVAIEN - he breaks out with bitter cry

64. AZOI FIL YARN HAB ICH DICH GEZUCHT, - so many years I looked for you

65. DAS LECHTELE VAS HAT UNZ YETZT TZUZAMEN GEBRENGT - this candle which brought us together

66. FUN HIMEL HAT MEN DAS UNZ GESHENKT - from heaven to us was gifted

67. UN MER VELLEN TZUZAMNE UNTZINDEN DAS LICHT - and together we will light this candle